Friday, April 10, 2009

4/10/09 AM

Allison is scheduled to visit home today for the first time since the accident. She will be coming here with Physical and Occupational therapy in the afternoon to visit and look at the house. They will try to see how well Allison can move around the house and what she needs here. If everything goes as planned, she will then be able to get passes to come visit home. It sounds like we are planning on having Easter dinner here at the house with both families, including Allison. That would be the first time Allie will have gone out without assistance from hospital staff (I believe). I have to work, but on Saturday my Mom and Jon are going to go visit Allison at Soujourners and are bringing Easter Eggs to color with her. It is a yearly tradition that she always loves. Its nice to feel like we are able to get a bit of normalcy back in our lives.

Jon had a terrific day yesterday. His outpatient therapy put him in a good mood, just being able to get out of the house more really helps. He was able to range his elbow further than he had been able to before. He was also able to work with some light weights (3lb) on that arm - the therapist was very happy. When he got back he was able to go sit outside on a beautiful day and hang out with the neighbors while all the neighborhood kids were running around playing hide and seek (the wheelchair ramp makes a good hiding spot, I guess). Mom, don't read this -- but Jon went up and showered on his own yesterday while I was at work. I was expecting him to do this soon, and it didn't surprise me that it was yesterday. I usually help bring his wheelchair up to make transfers easier in the bathroom and so he can sit after he's done to get dressed and shave and such. He said it wasn't a problem at all, he just scooted up like he normally does then scooted into the bathroom, transferred to toilet then shower chair. Afterward he was able to stand at the sink on his one leg and do what he needed to. I told him that if I'm around I should still help him and he agrees, but just wanted to try it out to know he could do it.

Real quick I just wanted to thank our neighbors, Jim and Nichole and their daughters Kira and Regan. Your support has been amazing. Thanks for helping with the house and the cats while we were at the hospital. Thanks for all the visits and for the food and movies you've brought Jon. Kira and Regan your drawings for both Jon and Allison were great, they really appreciate the hard work. Thanks for the cupcakes and the cookies.

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