Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I figured I better write an update since it has been a while.

Things are sill going well, progression for both Jon and Allison.

Allison was able to come home on Saturday for a while and she seemed to be doing well while Jen and Jon visited. I grilled some steaks and hot dogs.

Allison had a visit with Dr. Jones, the orthopedic surgeon who did surgery on Jon and who also saw Allison about her spinal fractures. He said that she is healing well but still will need to keep her collar on most times. She can take it off to eat and to shower. Naturally, Allison decided to take 2 hour showers and to extend her eating times as much as possible, but I think Jon was able to talk her into listening to the doctor and not doing that. So, she's healing, but it will be a bit until the neck brace is off totally.

Jon continues to improve and seems to kick ass at therapy. The other day I was hanging out while he was showering and he yelled "Dave!! I'm washing my head with my right arm!!!!!". It seems like we aren't progressing very fast in the movement of the arm until we look at what he can do now compared to what couldn't be done earlier. Today in therapy he bent his arm to 120 degrees, the most that it has ever been bent. He even did it on his own, bending the right arm with the left while sitting upright, he was very proud of that.

Still more therapy for both, and still gradual gains, but still all positive.

BTW from the message before, I hear that Ian's heart surgery went fine and he's recovering well.

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