Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, 3/2/09, 9AM

Hey all. Pretty quick update this morning. I went in to Spectrum yesterday but Allison was resting up before Jon got there so we let her rest. I haven't seen her (awake) since she's been talking.

Connie (Allie's mom) said she was quite the handful on Saturday night. She pulled out her feeding tube once, tried to pull out her main line IV, and was squirming all over. Her hands are in a loose restraint but she figured out how to scooch down the bed so she could get her hands up to her face. She peeled all the tape off her nose and almost got her feeding tube out again, and has learned that if she does is reeeaaallll slow she can try to work at the velcro holding her neck brace without anyone hearing.

I guess she has moments of clarity where she's answering questions real well, and also moments where she is in 'la la land' as Connie puts it. She hasn't gotten the current date right yet, but has answered her birthdate right, her cat's names, how many legs her cats have (the nurses were a bit confused when she answered 3 legs for my cat, Drake - but he does only have three legs), and a bunch of other questions. The moments where she's confused seem almost like she's talking about a dream -- and I'll bet she's having a bunch of crazy dreams with all the sleep she's been getting and the medicine she's on. Her parents say that when she's in 'la la land' she talks a lot softer and acts differently. When she's herself she's much more alert. I guess she was cracking some jokes yesterday, Connie and Mike said they were all (including Allison) laughing pretty hard. Her parents are going to have a sit-down with one of the neurologists today so they can figure out what to expect next. With some of the stuff going on with her fantasies they were a bit worried, but I guess it's normal for someone just trying to connect the mental dots and doesn't mean a whole lot. Hopefully they can get some more answers today.

I spent some time with Jon last night. He's not enjoying his rehab too much, but mostly because its too elementary for him. The occupational therapist came in the morning to help him get ready for the day but he was up early and had done it all by himself already (with help from the nurse to get into his chair). She was impressed so she took him down for the exciting activity of making soup and hot chocolate - Jon was not happy to have someone holding his hand to help make soup. Later, the physical therapist came in and was doing some exercises with his good left arm. He was just doing different curls and extensions, then she asked if he had ever lifted weights before. He was happy to say yes and wanted a real workout, but instead she took out a hot pink rubber-coated weight, all of three pounds. She was explaining every single little movement but Jon already knew it all so he just started doing it. She was surprised and said "wow, you've done this before huh? what kind of weight do you use?" Jon said usually around 35lb, and I think that shut her up a bit. I do want to make it clear though that the treatement at Mary Free Bed so far has been great. Jon just wants to do more. I think the weekend therapy is just kind of a holding pattern and that the regular workers during the week will do a better job with him. We're expecting some news from his surgeon today about what he can and cannot do, especially regarding his broken right elbow. It's been out of its cast for several days now but he has not done any PT on it. He's done a bit with his hand mostly to keep the swelling down, but I think he is ready to start moving that arm (even though he says when he moves it it hurts like a bitch).

Jon gets bored and lonely and likes visitors, so if anyone was holding off on seeing him or wants to see him again I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I said before his visiting hours were 5:30 to 8, but in reality if it works better for your schedule you could come as early as 4. He's done with therapy at 4 and is usually pretty tired, then dinner is at 5 -- that's why I was saying 5:30. The past two days he was off to see Allison, so I know at least yesterday he wasn't even at Mary Free Bed until after 5. Anyway, visitors are definitely welcome and once again thanks for all the kind words and cards and emails to Jon and Allison.

Allison's visitors were immediate family only all day yesterday. I'm not sure about today but you may want to assume its staying the same unless you hear differently.


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