Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, 3/2/09, 9PM

Hey all.

Once again, mostly news about Jon. I think I'm catching Allison at the wrong times. She did open her eyes and recognize me and say my name today though, which was great. Shortly after, she had a visit by Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, moving her around and getting her into her chair. She's talking and joking and part of conversations, but you need to include her. My dad asked her if she liked his head with hair or completely bald (he recently shaved it bare). She said bald -- I think he's going to keep it shaved for the rest of his life now haha. There were a few great interactions with her today that give us hope.

Jon is looking to be released to go home on Wednesday. This is way ahead of schedule, but not surprising to me in the least. I think the only thing holding him back from going home right now is getting the ramp to the house built. He had a physical therapist today that was straightforward with him and he appreciated it. She commented that his shower would be upstairs once he got home and asked what he would do about that. He said something to the extent that he should answer 'get sponge baths for a while', but that he was planning on dragging his ass up backwards up the stairs. She said she thought he'd say that and she wish he wouldnt, but then worked with him on some exercises to help. He worked on going from couch to floor then back to couch. He also did some more exciting exercises today, and wasn't totally bummed about what his day entailed. He's been denying pain meds again because they make him groggy. He's on a long release Oxycontin once every 12 hours, then a short release Oxycontin every 4 hours or as he needs it. He only took the short release once today. He's not been sleeping well though so they are doubling up his nightly long release dose.

He's making a field trip tomorrow which might effect visitors. They asked if he wanted to go out to get anything done tomorrow, and he had a couple requests. So, he'll be leaving tomorrow after all his therapy (around 4ish) to go get his haircut. After that, he will visit Allison (gotta look spiffy for the lady!). If he still has energy, he will then go out to eat. It sounds like tomorrow (Tues, 3/3/09) will be the last night to visit him in the hospital and that the hours will be limited due to his trip out, I'm not sure when he'll be back but I'm guessing sometime after 6PM, especially if he goes out to eat. I'm sure he'll accept visitors whenever at his house though, once he's back here. He's also been answering his phone, or at least getting messages you might leave. Here's the contact info after Wednesday.

Jon Turner
5555 Quest St. SW
Wyoming, MI 49418

cell: 616 204 3450

Very short update tonight, I have some things to get ready in the house to make it wheelchair-ready.

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