Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1. 11AM

Here's an update my Dad wrote last night about yesterday's events. I was at the Winter Beer Fest and then went to Founders after with some friends, it was a nice break. Besides, I think Jon would have killed me if I had missed it. I am planning on going to see Allison and Jon later today.


Since Dave went to the Winter Brew Fest today, I thought I would give you all a quick note about today's developments as I saw them. By the way, Dave has really stepped up and has done an absolutely great job in helping Jon. He also has been doing great writing his blog and e-mail. Jon calls Dave his best (guy) friend. he has been a friend to Jon indeed.

First Jon.
On Friday night Jon had several friends in the room. It was good for Jon and the mood was mostly light and fun.

Rozanne and I slept at home Friday. We got to the Mary Free Bed hospital to see Jon a little before he was scheduled for therapy on Saturday.

We learned that State Farm wouldn't pay for wheel chair transport to Spectrum hospital, so the people at the rehab hospital moved Jon's schedule around so he could see if he could handle getting into a car. They taught him how to get in and out (they actually have a car body without and engine inside the building) and Jon did it without any trouble.

He went to occupational therapy and physical therapy in the area they call the gym. Each lasted about 1/2 hour. He was able to do everything he was asked to. At one point she (the occupational therapist) stood him up to see how long he could stand on one foot. While he was just standing there with his wrapped foot in the air, I thought maybe she would quit looking at her watch and get out a calendar. When he started the exercise, she actually had to tell him to hold onto something. He had just been standing balancing on one foot. It was pretty funny because Jon looked very bored. I think he could have gone on for a really long time but she stopped it after 5 minutes.

They have an apartment inside the therapy area, and they had Jon get in and out of bed, in and out of a living room chair, on and off of the toilet, and had him do other things like opening doors and wheeling himself around in the wheelchair. She told Jon he wouldn't be at Mary Free Bed very long based on how well he was doing with her.

The physical therapist focused on his swollen hand and Jon received exercises he could do by himself. While he was in PT, one of the Nuns from Aquinas College came to see Jon. It was just great and really appreciated. She went to see Allison too.

After PT Jon ate. He continues to be picky with what he eats and we needed to take the main course out of the room because he didn't like the smell. Oh well. The nutritionist has added protein shakes to his meals, and he is eating enough. Jon took about a 45 minute nap before loading into our car to go see Allison.

We got over to see Allison about 3:15. Her friends Christy and Mike were visiting from Chicago. Allison told us "That is my friend Christy" Wow. Powerful.

Jon was able to spend about 1-1/2 hours with her before asking to go back, and much of the time was private. When I saw Allison, she was at times saying complete sentences. She looked at people as she talked to them and as they talked to her. At times she slept, and at times she mumbled. She is on morphine so the naps are understandable. The morphine made her say that she was the "drunk one". She greeted some of her friends by name as they greeted her. She answers questions with simple answers and she makes comments appropriate to what is being said. So it isn't perfect, but whoo hooo it makes up happy! A couple of co workers / friends from Metro stopped by and they said that she acts just like someone recovering from a bad concussion. I am taking that as something good.

Last night, Allison pulled her feeding tube out and she tried it again today a couple times. The nurse put a restraint on her because otherwise she would have gotten it again for sure. When you ask if anything hurts, she sometimes says "my nose" (that is where the feeding tube goes in)

I continue to hope that Allison will keep improving and that she will see a complete recovery. There has been some mention that she may be able to go from Spectrum to Mary Free bed - which would be wonderful. Just yesterday they were talking about an additional care center between Spectrum and Mary Free Bed.

For everyone who is praying for Jon and Allison - and that includes me - I think its helping! For everyone who is keeping them in their thoughts, I think that is working too! Right now, things are looking good for Jon and Allison.

I hope you don't mind this, but I attached a picture of Jon and Allison's car. We are thankful they both survived this terrible wreck.

Tomorrow will be much like today and Jon will be going over to see Allison again.

(Jon's dad)

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  1. Thank you for the update, seeing the car makes me so grateful they are with us. Each day will be a better