Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday 2/28, 8:45AM

I saw Jon and Allison again last night. Allison had a big day of visitors and was having some pain before I got there so she was sleeping off some meds. We let her rest. My parents were in earlier in the day and as they were leaving my mom said "I love you" and Allison said "I love you" back. They they were leaving and she gave them a great big wave goodbye. We're waiting for her to heal some so her pain goes down and she can wake up more fully.

I think I said this, but Jon doesn't like where he's at at all. That's only because he wants to be done with it already. I think they are already impressed with his progress. He's going to be moving around in a wheelchair for a while, and they brought one in for him and were going to go through a long training about how to use it. He just got into it and starting moving around on his own though. He pushes the wheel with his left arm and pushes the ground with his right foot. It sounds hard but I tried it and it isn't bad. The PT lady was impressed and he challenged her to a wheelchair race - she kinda laughed and said OK. Jon was disappointed she didn't actually take him up on it though -- he was serious. Being up and moving in his chair makes him tired. They are also changing his meds around a lot, trying to find just one single drug that will work. That's making him quite painful.

He has a hard time opening doors, big heavy like fire doors especially. He got in through one and it closed on his chair, pinning him in the doorway. The therapist was alarmed and came to help but jon told him to go away, he needed to figure it out on his own.

He's not supposed to stand up and move around on his own, but he certainly can. Someone needs to be with him just in case anything happens. I guess he was done in the bathroom one time and he put on his call light. He was sitting there for a while and no one came, so he got up to his chair, wheeled to his bed, and got into bed on his own. The nurses weren't happy about that at all, but he was snappy at them back because they weren't coming fast enough. We've told him over and over not to do that and he knows not to, but he's stubborn (he tried something similar like one day after surgery). Like I said before, his only problems in rehab I think will be holding him back.

We had been trying to figure out how to get him out and to see Allison though different transport options. Jon solved that problem though, he requested to learn to transfer to a regular car for that very purpose (to see Allie). They weren't planning on doing that with him until next week. My mom was with him so she could learn how to help him do it, but he did it all on his own. Now we can get passes to take him out on our own. They have cleared some of his rehab schedule both today and tomorrow so he can go see Allison.

It was a bit emotional (but good emotional) with all the news about Allison yesterday. He's always asking about her and is very very excited about her progress. He can't wait to go see her today.

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  1. To the MFB Rehab Team:
    I doubt that first session, first day PT usually includes car transfers! Thank you for knowing the importance of getting Jon & Allison together at Spectrum. It would have been hard to keep Jon away, but your work and compassion made it go smoothly.
    Rozanne (Jon's Mom)