Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday 2/27/09, 11AM

I have no news myself but I wanted to pass on some amazing things about Allison that her mom wrote in her CarePage this morning for those of you who don't have access to it. I'll just quote:

"Good Morning A & J fans. Allie had a long night. Her brain was racing and she had many questions. I do not know how much she will remember from the night conversation. Her voice is very weak. Her main concern was Jon. As she was becoming more aware mentally she also became aware of her pain. She toughed it out but we did resort to pain medication about 4 am. Thus...she is currently living up to her nickname "The Blue Slug". Her man doctor was disappointed that she would open her eyes to everyone but him (Mike thinks she did this on purpose). We are not sure of the next few days. The bone doctor has cleared her (once she wakes up again) to be moved from the bed to a chair! Of course she can not have any weight on her legs (broken pelvis). Her main doctor said she may be moved for PT (he didn't say a date)...but he did say he would put the call into Mary Freebed for them to visit with us. Mary Freebed has standards the patient must meet before they will accept them. So if she is not strong enough she may be sent to Metro Rehab or Kent Community first. She seems to continue to improve by the hour. A funny thing happened during the night. Their was an Emergency Code on the ICU just down the hall from Allie's room and she said "I have to go" it was all I could do to hold her down in bed. We do not know too much about her mental state as she "continues to sleep off the pain meds". I will update this site again this afternoon so we will be able to determine if she will be up to visitors (but at this point I would say yes) Unless she has to have more pain meds...then you would see "Sleeping Beauty" aka "The Blue Slug". Jon if you are reading this "SHE LOVES YOU". I expressed to Allison last night how much love and support everyone has been sending to her and Jon (tears flowed from us both). More later"

I called my parents and they interrupted his Occupational Therapy appointment to tell him. They had quite the moment together I think, tears of joy are great. Jon is not happy to be where he is at but I think knows he needs to be there.


  1. Dear Allison and Jon, I am so happy to hear of your constant improvements in bits and bits. Know that you are in the prayers of the Dominican Sisters, along with the many others who are holding you close to our God,with petitions for healing and strength. We rejoice with you that, while your injuries are many, they can heal, and you can return to full health. It's strange to mention this, I suppose, given the severity of your injuries, but we need to remember that "God comes to us disguised as our life." Blessings and prayers, Sister ALice Wittenbach

  2. I have tried composing a message of thanks over and over and the words fail me. Please know that your support, messages, and acts of kindness give us strength.
    We are uplifted by the prayers of so many: friends, families, co-workers, neighbors, the AQ family, people across the country.
    A special note to Jon & Allison's friends: your compassion, kindness, and actions strengthen and inspire us, thank you.
    We will be grateful for so much and so many for a lifetime.
    Rozanne (Jon's Mom)

  3. I am so sorry to hear this news about Allison and Jon. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope that soon you can be together again during this healing time.
    Take care,
    Kristin (Grumbine) Wier (old running buddy of Allison's :))