Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, 5:50PM

No real new news just shooting out a quick email. Allison is still in her room and still in recovery. I was up with her a bit and she responded some to my voice and to my touch. Once again we're just being patient to let her come around. It sounds like they are letting the stimulus in her room come up a bit (lights on, talking to her, etc) to see how she responds. I'm not sure yet about her breathing on her own or anything, but the tube is still in.
Jon got some good rest this afternoon and is feeling a bit better all the time. He's trying to self regulate a bit and not take Valium too much even though it seems to do the best for pain right now. It makes him real sleepy and he doesn't like that too much. It doesn't sound like he'll be moving out of his current room yet for a bit, not tomorrow like I first said.

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