Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, 11:45 AM

Things are looking up right now. Allison is doing much better than she has before. She is still mostly sleeping, but she is responding much more than before. She's moving her limbs around more. She has opened her eyes twice more today, the first time they went quite wide and then most recently she was quite alert to her surroundings I hear. I wasn't there for either of these. They needed to draw blood and she responded and didn't like them doing that. Same with a shot she needed in her stomach. I was there for that one, she moved her arms and legs and squirmed and tried to make them stop, and she wrinkled up her brow like she was pissed. She would sometimes do these things before, but now its happening a lot more.
The best news though is that she's now breathing on her own. The tube is still in and the machine is still on but its in more of an 'assistance' mode. They are being very careful just in case something happens so they are keeping the tube in for now, but she's in control of her own breathing and the machine hasn't had to work at all for a while now, from what I understand. She doesn't seem to like it in, but who would. They want to make sure she can clear her throat and is doing really well before they remove it.
The neuro doctors were in and they said that it was not unusual for her to be down like this for so long given all of her injuries. They said it was pretty normal. We were all getting pretty anxious to have her wake up but hearing this made us feel better about the whole thing. We still hope she wakes up fully soon, but we realize that she just may need some time and that its good to be patient.
She had another CAT scan today and it showed no problems, and nothing different from yesterday. They still think she's in the clear in the brain damage department and she's not getting any worse from yesterday which is also great news. Just looking at her I noticed that her swelling seems to have gone down some around her eyes, although they are still quite purple.
Jon is also doing OK. One thing I forgot to mention last time was that they took his collar off sometime early this morning. They aren't worried about his neck/spine now and it made him a little more comfortable. He's complaining about lots of pain in his ankle and elbow and they are keeping him well medicated. The blood flow to extremeties is good and there's no numbness in his foot or hand, although he's complaining that his hand gets real cold. He's drinking lots of fluids right now, mostly water. They can clear him for some more solid foods now but he doesn't seem to want them. The physical therapy team will be in with him shortly I hope and they are going to start working with him today. He wants to go see Allison today and one of the goals I think is to get him into a chair so they don't have to wheel him over in his bed.
I'll keep in touch, thanks again for the support.

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