Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, 11:50PM

Hey all. This message is tough because I feel like I've been a bit misleading in previous messages but I assure you it was not on purpose. There's no real information except that I have been misinterpreting some information in terms of Allison.
With her cat scans, we have been getting reports of the scan being "negative". However, it turns out that in this case negative simply means that it does not require surgery. It doesn't mean that Allison is completely in the clear with her brain right now as I have led you all to believe.
It was weird from the start because they mentioned the pinpoint of bleeding in her brain but at the same time were saying the scan was negative, which was confusing to me. My mother picked up on this and obviously we were all wondering why she has been out for so long as well. I'm not sure the extent of what is going on and I don't think the doctors do either until she can wake up for a real assessment.
I don't mean to scare you with this news but I also didn't want to mislead anyone with these emails since they migh be your only source of information right now. So, nothing really to report that I haven't already except that we just wait and see.
I'm writing this because a resident critical care doctor of Allison's just came over to talk to Jon and I. He didn't really share any new information, but was definitely direct in the way he was saying it. To paraphrase, he said that Allison had a head injury and that she had some sub-arachnoid blood (blood in brain). All today she was following orders but agitated. They put her back into anastesia so they could rest her brain and not be so agitated so she could heal better. She'll eventually need to be in rehab for a while (but I think we all knew that). She doesn't have any chest or abdomen injuries and her spinal cord is fine despite her spinal fractures in her neck and lower back. They are looking forward to being able to take the breathing tube out and hope to do so sometime after tomorrow's surgery. Right now the big thing for her is her brain function. I took a couple notes while he was talking, mostly directed toward Jon, so hopefully I got the gist of the message alright.
The good news for me is that she was understanding commands today and I gathered that she was understanding and reacting more today than previously. Also it seemed like she was trying hard to come out of it -- so I still remain very hopeful. Another resident that came to visit from Metro told my mom earlier today when asked about all this that we can still remain hopeful for an eventual 100% recovery, but its just hard to tell right now. She's showing lots of good signs and I'll keep you all in the loop as I can. At the very least, her scan today was unchanged from yesterday so I don't think she's getting worse. Once again, I'm sorry that I gave everyone a false impression from my previous emails. I also hope I don't offend anyone by sharing this info since everything really is all up in the air right now and its all pretty sensitive information to share.
I don't think I mentioned this but they ended up putting in a feeding tube for Allison today. She apparently didn't like that at all as it was going in, but it will be good for her to stay nourished to hopefully help keep healing.
We're not sure when the surgery on her leg tomorrow will be until the morning when they figure out the surgery schedule. The doctor did mention that he thought the operation on her arm would also be happening, but he wasn't in orthopedics so he wasn't sure.
Its a quiet night after a very busy day. Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, visits, cards, etc. My parents are getting some well-deserved rest at home and I'm hanging out with Jon tonight.

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