Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, 10:30PM

When I've been saying Allison is breathing on her own, I've been meaning that the machine is on standby for support only if she needs it. However, they were able to do a couple tests tonight with the machine turned completely off. She was good for both a 3 minute and then a full 30 minute test with no machine at all which was a very good sign. Now to remove the tube they want her more alert and responsive. I'm not sure everything she needs to do for a doctor, but she's not quite there yet. She can open her eyes and wiggle her toes and blink on command and squeeze hands. She's not doing this long enough or doing quite enough at one time I guess, so they are still letting her rest with the breathing tube in. The doctor is very hopeful that she's getting better and that she might be able to get the tube out soon which would be a major step. Once again, we just have to be patient.

Jon was complaining about his clavicle for the first time tonight and it was hurting quite a bit. He's been moving around that bad arm quite a bit though, using the hand on that arm, lifting the whole arm with no support, plus getting up and having it hang down. Its all good stuff for rehab, but its causing pain. It was a pretty exhausting day for Jon and for all of us.

My mom and I are at Jon and Allison's house tonight, my Dad is with Jon. No more updates for a while, I'll check in tomorrow.

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