Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday, 12:45PM

Hey all.

No major status updates on Allison. Her tube is still in and she's still at about the same response level. She was down for a cat scan on her ankle and her arm and she was causing trouble! They finished looking at her leg and then were looking at her arm when she lifted her right leg straight up, cast and all, and kicked one of the techs with her. They were shocked but she's a frisky one. They had to put some more drugs in her to make her behave and now she's more sleepy again. We're not sure the result of those scans yet but they just wanted to check out yesterday's surgeries.

They are going to take her in for an MRI today to get a good look at her head.

Jon had a very long and restless night. He had a lot of pain in his clavicle especially. They took him off his IV completely, which also means they took him off one of his pain medications, Dilaudid (i think). He didn't think that one was doing much for him until they took it away. Now he's on oral medications of Vicodin, Valium, and Oxycontin. This morning, though, he was able to get up to a chair then to a bathroom. He shaved (and nicked himself a few times, joking he's got to graduate to a college shaving level again), washed his hair, put on deodorant, brushed his teeth. He was able to get some shorts and a button-down shirt on with help. Afterward, he wanted to stay sitting for a while which was surprising. Sitting made him real tired and now he's sleeping heavily which is good. This morning I noticed that yesterday was Fat Tuesday and he said "Oh sweet, I ate the hell out of some ice last night." He's still not finding any solid foods appealing, mostly just ice but also some juice and fruit. There's talk of transfering him to Mary Free Bed (rehab hospital) tomorrow or friday. He wants to go see Allison again today. Oh, he was complaining of some pain in his good left hand and they took him for an xray on that this morning. We're waiting to hear on that but hope its not broken because he kinda needs that to get around. He's been using it and moving it well so I'm guessing it won't be a major problem -- not too sure.
We're all just hanging in there, thanks for the support.

I have the ability now to update the CarePage that Allison's family has been maintaining. I'll be posting updates now on my new blog ( on the CarePage ( search for "DrAllison"), and sending my emails.

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