Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, 5:30 PM

Allison is doing about the same right now. They ended up putting her back on anaestesia to help keep her calm. While being responsive was great, they could tell that she was quite uncomfortable when she was up due to the tube in her throat. I guess they didn't feel like it was time to take the tube out so instead they made her more sleepy.
I was in today while she was tossng around and I saw her open her eyes for the first time (she's done it several times now, but only once when I was there). She looked right at me and was trying to figure me out. When she's up they try to give her response tests so her mother Connie and I were telling her to hold a "thumbs up" on both of her hands. We got a solid thumbs up with her left hand, but she was then not happy about the tube and only did that one hand. It was great to see her coming around and understanding what was going on if only at least somewhat.
Jon has been getting some decent rest in today, especally after each dose of Vicodin and Valium. Valium especially seems to be helping. He had his first visit with the phsical therapy department today which consisted of helping him sit up and transfer over to a rolling chair. He was able to sit there for a while and get a little comfortable, then had to go back to bed. They are still planning on taking the elbow splint off tomorrow so we'll see what sort of PT will happen then. I'm not sure but it looks like it is going to wait until tomorrow for him to go see Allison.
Right now the plan is still release from this hospital probably on Wednesday. However, the only way he will be able to get around for a while will be to lean on a 4-legged cane for support on his good left arm, while hopping around on his good right foot. He's kinda been bumped around all over, including some decent bruising on his right foot, so this is obviously going to be pretty painful. The jarring motion of the acual hop I'm sure will not be fun. Right now with help he's just standing up, pivoting, and sitting down again. By his release they think he'll only manage to hop a couple times before it gets to be too much. Because of this, it sounds like he'll be going to an acute rehab hospital like Mary Free Bed after here so he can get some help gaining his strength back before he has to figure it out at home.
Well, I was about to send this update off but we just got another visit. It sounds like Allison was seen by orthopedics and that her right ankle fracture is serious enough to warrant surgery. She is going to head down for surgery tonight. At first her arm fracture didnt sound like it needed any surgery but now since they will have her down there it sounds like they will work on her arm at the same time as well. I'll let you know more as I know more.

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